Helping business owners overcome the hurdles of understanding finance jargon and related number crunching issues.



For busy executives seeking a fresh approach to ‘hard wire’  the fundamental FFNFM skills needed for success.


Taster Days

Meet Ian in a relaxed and informal setting to assess how management accounts could dramatically improve the bottom line! 

Taster Days

Feedback from clients

I have known Ian for nearly 15 years and worked with him on a number of projects during this time. I have found him to be an enthusiastic, energetic individual who is personable and friendly. He has good, clear communication skills and is positive about work and projects he undertakes.

Tim Metcalfe  Director, Metcalfe Software

Helping everyone – young or old – to reach their true potential has been, and still is, a true passion of his. He is very approachable and always willing to talk through and share ideas with people from widely differing backgrounds including; young GCSE students in inner city schools, Head Teachers and Managers/Business owners from SMEs and large corporations.

Ian has varying skills and talents including, patience, persistence and lots of experience, contacts and qualifications within the education sector.

Working alongside Ian was certainly a great and unforgettable journey!

Jackie Atkinson  Head of Sales & Operations, Localbiz Project


I have worked with Ian over many years. He is a very resilient character with a tremendous enthusiasm for all his projects and a terrific ability to teach people the basics of accounts and finance where others have failed. He is always patient, rarely fazed and popular with clients. Perfect.

I have hired Ian as a trainer and coach since 1999, and have used him on a regular basis.

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative

Brin Platts  -  MD CIODevelopment

As my business develops, I needed to raise my understanding of financial issues as quickly as possible. Ian has a great style of delivery – he knows the key issues – and is a patient listener. He adapted each session to meet my individual needs, omitting any materials not needed immediately to save time – this was great.

The workbook and spreadsheets are specially designed to complement his delivery style and you get the chance to immediately reinforce your understanding of elements covered by applying them onto pre-prepared spreadsheets. This saves lots of time and highlights specific areas for further discussion – a very important point for me (e.g. concepts like goodwill, budgeting and share apportionment)

Kath Wilkinson  – Owner Flair Creative

I have observed Ian deliver several of his two day “Finance for Non-Financial Managers’ courses to CIOs and Sales Executives in London. His clever use of case studies and spreadsheet tasks helped to keep attendees on track, and keen to learn more – the difficult bit!

He also has a real knack for simplifying what to non-acocuntants are complex concepts, and communicating them in a way that leads to understanding and practical application.

A must if you need to improve the finance skills of your non-financial managers.”
Service Category: Business Consultant
Year first hired: 2001 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Andy Foster  – Deloitte

Ian is great with spreadsheets and uses them for producing comprehensive financial statements, ideal for business start-ups or assessing potential income streams of new projects.

Matthew Heald   Group Financial Controller at Whitston Group